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This is for all the couples out there. This is for you that like to discover emotions with your partner. Desire emphasises romance and intimacy in a new way. Because it is now the time to create something fun, hot and spicy for couples. Are you ready to play with your partner?

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Against your partner

You and your partner will compete for desire to get more points, reach higher levels and be able to send spicier dares.

Categories of dares

Outdoor, Role Play, Kitchen…

Choose dares from different categories and send the ones you like the most to your partner.

Get points

Each dare has points

After completing a dare, your partner gets points. When your partner dares you and you complete the dare, you get the points!

Accept dares

That you like!

Complete each dare on time. Attention! You have a countdown. Get the points and keep adding fun to the relationship!

What our users say

"★★★★★ Awesome! This is a very cool app! My husband is somewhat timid in the bedroom. But when you make it competitive with the point system, it speaks to his male ego and I'm the one who benefits from it!"

- Julie Pierce, comment from Google Play

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